1-1 Training

There are few trainers on the internet who could write programs for a 78 year old female powerlifting champion. There are even fewer who could take that woman and make her robust enough to trek the Himalayas.

There are few trainers who could help a 63 year old CEO run his first 100 mile ultra marathon and finish inside the cut off time.

And there’s even fewer who can do all of that plus be brilliant at fat loss, adding fitness and strength, or preparing someone for special forces selection.

But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for my entire adult life. Most trainers simply don’t have the work or life experience to be able to a mature athlete achieve their best across a wide variety of disciplines.

Now, in my late 40s, I have put myself through hell learning how to turn normal guys into cyborgs capable of beating younger guys in the gym, on the mats, and out in the mountains regardless of the challenge. I have been the crash test dummy so you don’t have to.

1-1 training is for guys who want that last special boost to their fitness. It’s for guys who want to go to the highest level possible and need a custom tailored program written just for them, their goals, and their needs.