Week in review - May 19, 2013

There’s always so much going on I often don’t have much time to sit and actually talk about what has happened, only what it going to happen in the future. I mean, the next few months this is my list of courses I’m running (and isn’t actually complete as I’ve got a few more up my sleeve:

  • HKC in California at kettlebell South Bay.
  • The first ever Progressive Calisthenics Certification in St. Paul.
  • Gym Jones certification.
  • Run and teach at RKC Melbourne, July.
  • Spartan Race coach certification.
  • Dragon Door leadership meeting.
  • HKC in Brisbane
  • Martial Power workshop the day after, led by RKC TL and KMG E1 Matt Beecroft and I.
  • A special invite only workshop by Coach Summers of Gymnastic Bodies (please email me at info@readpt.com if you think you deserve an invite).
  • Spartan Super race Melbourne.
  • Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast Sydney on consecutive days (adding up to 63km of obstacle racing in 48 hours).
  • RKC 1 and 2 on consecutive weekends.
  • FMS 1 and 2.

That’s a pretty hectic next six months. On top of that I’ve got my usual assortment of articles to write for Blitz, Triathlon and Mutlipsport and Breaking Muscle plus the blog here, as well as normal PT st Read Performance Training – easy, right?

Things you should have read this week:

This article, right here, is part one of a few that will focus on using double kettlebell drills to build muscle and replace barbell lifts for the aging lifter.

If you missed this article here on kettlebell swings, you missed an epic rant by many Crossfitters. Apparently they think the only reason people have heard about kettlebells is because of them. Riiiiight…Like the same way I had no idea what a barbell snatch was until I saw one of them do an “overhead anyhow” and call it a snatch. I will say this for Crossfit, they’ve made terms like SLAP tear and Achilles rupture far more commonly known thanks to their devil may care attitude towards lifting technique. I always fund it funny that a group who use a kettlebell every now and then to do a single exercise poorly feel theyre; in any position to argue about its use with someone who uses them every session, every day and is considered an expert in their use. Arrogant much?

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Twitter is another great way to keep up with how many ways I can find to hurt or make myself suffer. 140 characters is sufficient to illustrate how painful training for an Ultra Beast race is. (@AndrewR_ReadPT).

As for the rest of this week it was the same as always – train hard, eat right, continue educating myself every day and making sure that we remain the best functional strength trainers in Australia. Whether you’re training for a Spartan race, a triathlon, special forces selection, MMA or BJJ, volleyball or just wanting to get in shape – we’ve got the tools to make it work for you. Our online training options will be up and running soon enough so that even people who don’t live locally will be able to have access to smart training. I’ve got some great posts coming up on kettlebell training on Breaking Muscle this week so make sure to watch my author page closely.