What would you say if I told you I could help you stay fit forever?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone gave you a template that worked no matter your age? Wouldn’t it be great if that template didn’t focus on the wrong things—the exercises—but on the real things that create lasting change in your health and fitness?

Because that’s what happens in fitness. We have six-minute abs—because everyone knows that seventh minute is a waste of time. We have Dry July—because everyone knows that not drinking for a month will help the next forty years of your life. And we have crazy restriction diets that resemble torture.
None of it is sustainable.

And the truth of the matter—that no one in the fitness world wants to tell you—is that none of that matters. Every single workout plan you read touting the best exercises for [insert body part here]? Worthless. Every single meal plan that claims that [insert magical superfood or supplement here] is the best thing for you? Also worthless.

The only things that count are those that create sustainable changes. And the problem with sustainable change is that it isn’t sexy, and you can’t sell a six-week workout plan off the back of it. For that you need to sensationalize everything and scream about your special, secret, new method of training.

Well, at the risk of shooting myself in the foot when it comes to earning money in the future, I am going to teach you exactly what counts.

It’s not sexy, but it does work—and it will work for your entire life. That’s right—this workout formula will work regardless of whether you’re twenty or forty or sixty. I know because I have clients in all those age groups who are still kicking ass thanks to these simple, sustainable guidelines. And that means if you follow this program correctly, you won’t need another plan for the rest of your life. It’s that good.

For “my guys”—those who are forty-plus—I see more gains from improving the four key areas I address in this program than I ever did by trying to give them some secret Russian squat program in the gym. Even after twenty-plus years of training people, I can’t think of a single person who saw faster change, or better overall health, than my clients who followed these rules religiously.

Because if you want real-world, lasting change, then you need to address your lifestyle first. No training program in the world will fix poor lifestyle choices once you’re past forty. You have to treat your health as a second job if you plan on sticking around and enjoying life for more than a few years.

Where most workout plans go wrong is in making the gym the trump card. That’s how fitness companies work. They showcase all their fancy equipment as they walk you through the gym. The implication being that you can’t possibly get in shape on your own without hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fancy equipment.

The truth is that all the hard work in the world won’t change anything unless your lifestyle is prop- erly sorted out. I joke with clients that the “secrets” to success all revolve around beer, booty, and burgers. Trust me, it’s not as ludicrous as it sounds, and success in health and fitness lies in actually understanding the role these three things play in derailing our progress.

If you haven’t started to grasp the underlying concept here I will spell it out—your lifestyle is the number one thing that determines your health and fitness success. This is why so many people who join a gym fail to really change anything. In fact, 4% of New Year’s resolution-makers don’t make it past the first month, 14% don’t get past the end of February, and 80% quit within five months.

Why is that?

These people failed because they tried to make exercise something they could add to their life. Exercise can’t be a mere addition that you do a few times a week, like a meeting with your boss or birthday drinks for a friend. If you want to be fit and healthy it has to be a part of your life every day. In other words, being fit and healthy is a 24/7 job that requires 365 days a year of devotion. That means the gym isn’t something you should merely attend a few times per week. Beyond your late thirties, you can no longer see any real results from that sort of haphazard approach. No, if you want to be fit into the second half of your life, then you will need to pay more attention to the life- style factors that influence your success at living a fitness lifestyle.

The 28 Day Challenge teaches you the necessary skills to be fit and healthy for life by addressing the biggest problem areas instead of trying to out train your poor diet and lifestyle choices.