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✅   All Day Energy
So you don’t have to turn to use caffeine as a crutch just to get through the day. Again.

✅  Reverse Aging and Improve Health
Smart training that includes both resistance training as well as cardiovascular work has been shown to offset ageing, reduce the risks of many serious diseases  - even cancer, and reduce the likelihood of Alzhemiers. Drop body fat and get rid of the blood pressure medication and statins.

✅  Restore and rebuild your body
Rebuild pain free movement so that you can enjoy the activities you love for as long as possible. Or better yet, enjoy your favourite past times with your children.

✅  Build resilience and function
True functional fitness builds ability outside the gym. Learn to use the lessons learnt in the gym to improve your entire life.

✅  Going to the gym is important…but ….

I don’t want you to live in the gym. Functional fitness is only functional if it improves your entire life. And life isn't lived in the gym. 

One of the hardest things about the process is trying to go at it alone.

The good news is, you don’t have to. And that’s a good thing because research shows that having someone you’re accountable to makes you SIX TIMES MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED at your goals. 

Choose to have me guide you… and benefit from my knowledge and experience from 30 years of coaching others and thousands of successful transformations - and these people are just like you. They’re all 40+ with busy jobs, kids, and all the stress that goes with them.

I’ll personally create your program for you based on decades of experience working with this age group.

Not only will I be giving you the plan, but I’m always there to keep an eye out for you and make sure your progress is as fast as possible. 

Don’t be one of those people who wants to wait until they get in shape to hire a trainer. That doesn’t make any sense at all - they’re just slowing down their journey. If it’s important to you then the best time to start is today. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are… how long you’ve been training… or how many programs or coaches you’ve tried in the past.

1-1 Coaching is the BEST way to unlock your health and longevity potential. Guaranteed.

And there’s not a better time to START than right NOW.

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$299 / MONTHLY.

Gold is our most popular level of coaching. It is ideal for those who are already experienced in health and fitness, but want to experience faster and more consistent progress.

As a Gold level client you’ll receive a monthly program tailored to your goals. There is ongoing communication with your coach to ensure that any adjustments needing to be made for work or lifestyle can be accommodated.


    Customised monthly training program

    Weekly coaching feedback (Mondays by email)Training plan alterations as needed

    Monthly coaching calls to set goals for the upcoming month and feedback (client initiated)

    Goal development

    Event specific advice and strategy

    Training Peaks Premium account

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$749 / MONTHLY

Platinum is for the truly committed who want the absolute best results possible. They understand that constant feedback and accountability create an environment for success. This is an all encompassing package that will provide details on all aspects of training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Every aspect of your journey will be taken into account to ensure maximum success in the shortest possible time. Regular coaching calls will leave you with an action plan for each week.

This is the most effective way to become not just better physically but transform your overall health and lifestyle for high performance. Expect all elements of your life to be scrutinised.

Platinum includes everything from Gold with the following upgrades:

    Fortnightly coaching calls

    Specific nutrition advice and feedback

    Lifestyle advice and feedback

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