Fat Loss @ 40

Fat Loss @ 40

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Almost everyone gets fat loss wrong. They think it’s all about how hard you’re training.

But once you pass 40 there’s no way you can out train your diet or lifestyle.

When you get these things right fat loss is inevitable.

If you’ve found yourself training harder and harder while trying to diet more and more strictly only to fail over and over again you need to make change. The problem isn’t with how hard you train or how much you deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy.

The secret that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know is that fat loss has got almost nothing to do with exercise or strict dieting.

Yes, you still need to watch what you eat, and yes, you still need to exercise, but the truth is that you need to do both far less than you think.

Using the unique scoring system I devised for the Fat Loss at 40 plan you can easily see where you fall short and where you can make easy gains in your fat loss journey. These habits and changes will be sustainable for the rest of your life instead of being stuck on the yo-yo dieting merry go round.

Customer Reviews

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Renier Van Rooyen
Must read for the fitness enthusiast over 40!

This book is a game-changer for me! I am very happy to learn that I don't have to "go hard or go home" all the time to be in great shape.

Michael Turner
Not just another diet book

Andrew had put together a group of super recipes using only the best ingredients. If your looking to not only drop significant weight and improve both body composition but more importantly your health, this is a must.

Matt Douglas
Fat loss @ 40

If your looking for a simple no nonsense approach to your diet and a tried and tested system you can follow for the rest of your life than look no further !
Andrew’s experience and advice is second to none and a breath of fresh air amongst the constant confusing trends of the fitness world.
He has helped me a lot personally over the years and if your serious about making some changes to your diet and lifestyle there’s nobody I truest more than Andrew !
What are you waiting for ??

Simon Griffiths
Solid gold

Great book, cuts straight to the chase with no BS. Some golden information in there. Following it for a week and lost half a kilo and didn't follow it that strictly either.

Morten Jakobsen
Simple and easy to understand

Nice to read an easily understandable article with not too much BS and fancy complex explanations