Gold Membership

Gold Membership

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Gold is our most popular level of coaching. It is ideal for those who are already experienced in health and fitness, but want to experience faster and more consistent progress.

As a Gold level client you’ll receive a monthly program tailored to your goals. There is ongoing communication with your coach to ensure that any adjustments needing to be made for work or lifestyle can be accommodated.


  • Customised training monthly training program
  • Weekly coaching feedback (Mondays by email)Training plan alterations as needed
  • Monthly coaching calls to set goals for the upcoming month and feedback (client initiated)
  • Goal development
  • Event specific advice and strategy
  • Training Peaks Premium account

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brooke McDonald
Professional, well balanced plan

I have been working with Andrew for a few years now, and his plans and methods have always been top notch. His personal touches to your fitness plan insures a program that is right for you.

Lucian Rusan

Hi Andrew! Having this plan and knowing you are "watching" me makes me more motivated not to skip session even I feel tired. I can always check my previous results and try my best next time. It's not a linear progress but visible since June when I applied for it. Big Thank you!

Paul Mitrevski
Nothing but excellent!

I've been working with Andrew for the last few years now.
I've been an active martial artist for the majority of my life and run my own academy.
For many years I had been disappointed with so many so called 'trainers' and I just stopped seeking any help anymore.
I knew Andrew prior to working with him and I always liked his approach.
I know how difficult it is to find a commited student or trainee to work with.
Coming from a neck injury and being told I needed surgery to changing my life 360 through the lockdown and still now.
My transformation from working with Andrew has been nothing but superb.
I'm in the best shape of my life and I even completed the Alpine challenge marathon race recently...
I feel great mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually!
If you're really serious and committed to changing your life, then I wouldn't go past Andrew and his specific program.
Been a pleasure working with him and still am
Paul Mitrevski