Smc Hughgley

“So here is a little more evidence of how well AR’s system and accountability works. The first pic is the start of my challenge the beginning of January and the second pic was this morning. When I started following Andrew I was right around 200lbs, the first pic I’m low 180s, this morning I was 175. Wish I had a pic from September when I started cleaning up my diet but I think the results from the challenge speak for themselves. Keep in mind I was a long ways from perfect with weekly scores that averaged in the mid to high 30s.”

Richard Chia

“89kgs on the left, 84.7kgs on the right. The lightest I have been in my adult life!
I still have more I want to loose and the program structure has made it easier to manage with accountability.”

Timothy Rutherford Moylan

“Don’t know how much you can make out from the photos but the left one I was somewhere between 82-84kg’s. Right one, which I just took, I’m 75kg’s. All coming along well!”

Spencer May

“Tribe – a short piece to conclude my reflections and achievements on this program. Not sure if this is what AR asks for, but I jet off to Bali tomorrow for a week of decompression, yoga, surfing, reading and most importantly digital detox, so won’t see or action any final tasks.

So here are my reflections:
1. The numbers – weight down to 74.9kg. Body fat % from 11.4% to 10.0% (US Navy method)
2. Sleep – this is the hardest one of the program, as it’s the one I have least control over. I can only influence it by adopting sound sleep hygiene practices. This is the one I want to pay most attention to going forward including HRV.
Oura ring arrives today.
3. Walking – a new found love. I have averaged over 16k steps per day and find it energising and creative. I perform better at work when I step away from the office for an hour a day.
4. Eating plan – IT WORKS! This taught me quite a lot about myself. First that I am a stickler for rules. I found the first few days very stressful until I had figured out how to dial in my macros. Second, I get way too serious about compliance with rules. I found it tough to take my cheats and almost walked past those moments that matter with loved ones. A reminder that I can be more compassionate to myself
5. Training – for the past three years I have been a metcon junky and I still love a good metcon. But my body feels so much better by strength training three days per week and MAF cardio 3 days per week. I no longer have an irritable piriformis and glutes! I still have old mans calves and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, have found peace with my assault bike. The C2 rower will be a new addition to the garage gym to support my new regime.

In summary, it’s been a great program. I’m sure that we have all had challenges in meeting the demands of the program. And that is where the secret sauce of this program lies. Dig beneath those challenges and you will find a treasure trove of personal shit, which if you lean into, will help you become a better husband, father and man. So as you shrink physically, you grow mentally and emotionally. How good is that!

Finally a huge thank you to you all for your support. To Kyle Schaunt for his unwavering and proactive support to everyone in this group. And finally to AR for so uncompromisingly holding up the accountability mirror to us all so that we all grow. Cheers.”


“Hey mate, hope you are well. Just wanted to say thank you for the 28 day challenge. I missed the last few vids seeing I was running a week behind schedule and in the middle of the bush so didn’t get a chance to do my final vid. Like to say I have lost 7kg over the four weeks coming down from 86.something kg’s and am looking a lot trimmer. What I loved most about it was learning and getting a better understanding on food intake. Staying off the drink was also a pretty big accomplishment for me seeing it has been strongly in my life for over 15 years! So once again, cheers mate. Have also been highly recommending your program to anyone who would listen.”

Adrian Morgan

“I wanted to also share my final results. 7kg down, and a far better appreciation of what works for lifestyle. I realised over the course of 4 weeks how much lack of sleep was playing into my bad diet habits, and once I recognised it, I could do something. Even when travelling I made it an essential part to get my walk in – even in the airport! The other thing was prioritising my cardio. Thanks for the program!”

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