Rebirth of the Predator

Back when we trudged out of the primordial ooze man was the apex predator. Sure, we may have had a soft hide, no claws or fangs and we couldn’t poison anything but we had one trick up our sleeve – we could sweat.

Over time man can out run any other creature on the planet. See, when animals overheat they have to stop to cool down and pant. Not us though, we just start sweating and our amazing evaporative cooling system takes care of the rest. No matter how big, how dangerous or how fast in the short term, sooner or later our caveman ancestors could out run anything.

Somehow the modern fitness world has lost sight of that. We focus on the short term, on getting you the best possible result for the minimum time spent. The problem with doing the MED or Minimum Effective Dosage is you get the minimum result. This kind of training may work well for aesthetics but the moment it comes to actually do something those muscles you’re displaying you’re going to melt faster than ice cream in the Australian sun.

At RPT we don’t care about training for looks. We’ll leave that to the Guidos and other fools who think you can have only performance or aesthetics. The truth is that if you train for performance you will get a better looking body as a result. Look at any sport you admire – don’t the athletes have pleasing physiques?

The secret to the way athletes look is one thing – movement. While all serious athletes spend time in the gym the vast majority spend far more time training for their sport by playing their sport. It is the movement involved in their sport that gives them their physiques. If you’re looking to create the same kind of body you also need to make sure that your week is filled with movement.

An ideal tool for this is the kettlebell. The results from hardstyle strength and conditioning are far from ordinary. And when they’re combined with our system of progressive calisthenics, FMS, Primal Move and barbell work the results are nothing short of amazing. And when you add some kind of sports training into that – whether it be a competitive event like martial arts or a fun event lie Tough Mudder – the end result is always far greater than someone who just stood still inside the gym all day long. The key to super star fitness is to be active every day.

Read Performance Training is all about rediscovering our roots as primal athletes. Our method of training is a first in this country because simply no one else has the same background as our trainers. It’s time to throw off the shackles of the modern gym and regain our long lost movement and become the apex predators we are meant to be.