I believe all humans are athletes.

A professional athlete needs to run, turn and squat to compete in their sport. But we all need to run to cross the street or chase down a child. We have to turn to get in and out of the car or put groceries away. And we squat every day when we get in and out of the car, in and out of chairs and so on.

The goal of Read Performance Training is simple, but far beyond just the shallow level of making you look good. My goal is to help you reclaim that inner athlete, that joyous child that could run and play all day long. You’ll end up looking good as a result of our training, but I’m not concerned with something so superficial as our sole goal.

The modern fitness industry is filled with inexperienced trainers – 70% of trainers last less than 5 years – and equipment manufacturers telling you that you need expensive machines and supplements to get in shape.

You don’t need a whole gym to get in shape.

Most trainers will tell you that you need to use one tool or one method to get in shape because that is all they know. In my nearly 30 years working with people there’s not much I haven’t tried, tested, and either kept or discarded. RPT is the Jeet Kune Do of physical training.

I have stripped back training to the essential and proven my results work with everyone from young men attempting special forces selection to 60 and 70 year olds winning world championships and ultra marathons. In other words, I have proven my system works regardless of age, gender, or the event itself.

My resume looks like this:

Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor – only Australian promoted).

Lecturer for Functional Movement Systems

Qualified Olympic and Power Coach through the Australian Weightlifting Federation

Ironman Triathlete

Author for – Blitz, Ultrafit, Inside MMA, International Kickboxer, UFC magazine, Oxygen, Complete Human Performance, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Dr. John Rusin, and Breaking Muscle.

Lectured in Australia, USA, China. Korea.

I’ll be frank. Most trainers are incompetent at best and dangerous at worst. Their idea of training is to make you sore and sweaty. If you like that idea then go stand in a sauna and I will happily hit you with a bat. If you’d actually like to reclaim that same playful athleticism you had as a child then have a look through the programs offered, or contact me for specialised training plans.

I advocate movement, strength, and endurance work – if you think being in shape is only about standing still and lifting weights then you have fitness all wrong. Movement is the essence of life – it fixes poor movement and strengthens and protects the body. When we stop moving we die.