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What would it mean to you if you FINALLY got in shape after trying for so many years?

For the last 20 years I've helped over 3500 Men in their 40's achieve success with their health and fitness and today I want to help YOU!

I'm looking for 5 highly motivated individuals who want to transform their body yet demand an ongoing customised program specific to their needs and structured around their current location and surroundings.

Expect a completely customised program designed, tested and proven to guide you to fitness success.

All of my fitness and fat loss programs have been designed and tested and proven by 100's of men to help you achieve the results you desire!

I want to help you take a huge step towards your dream body and build unstoppable momentum towards your ULTIMATE fitness goals for 2022 and beyond - All in LESS time and with ZERO frustration.

Who Are My Custom Training Programs For?

If any of the following points describe your current situation
then you might just be a perfect fit:

✔ You're a Male aged 35+ years or older

✔ You're fed up with your current situation and are desperate for change

✔ You want to challenge your lifestyle like never before

✔ Can trust a proven process and show up with a positive attitude

✔ Can dedicate a serious amount of time and commitment to training 6 days a week

✔ Are willing to listen (and apply) my coaching methods consistently

✔ Are excited to join a community of like-minded men

✔ Are determined to change your unhealthy habits

✔ Are fed up with your previous attempts at losing weight and staying motivated

✔ Require 24/7 round the clock support and a coach to keep you accountable


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✔ Personalised Training Program - 6 days a week

✔ Unique to your current setup

✔ Unique to your current fitness level

✔ Nutrition guidelines

✔ 24/7 Coaching, Mentoring & Accountability